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Pin It Button

A Pin It Button is very similar to your Like or Tweet button. It allows user to share/bookmark ( or Pin in Pinterest's language) a web page.

It's very easy to add a Pin It button on your site Get you Pint It button here. Although after adding the Pin It button on a website I came across the following bugs

URL of the image to be pinned is mandatory: If not done Pin It button will be displayed as normal but  user won't be able to Pin It. The worst part is Pinterest never gave any error in this case, leaving you in the puzzled state.Count Bubble was not rendering

As you can notice the code generated by Pinterest has encoded the URLs' that I entered but unfortunately if you copy paste in your web page the count bubble will not be displayed. To show the count button edit the code generated by replacing the encoded URL from normal decoded URL. After this you will be able to see the Pint It count

Happy Pinning :)

Factors that make a software developer stick to a company

Although we cannot stop any employee from switch but yes if a company can provide/fulfill the listed points then definitely the attrition rate can diminish.

For a software engineer and many other jobs following things are very important

WorkQuality - The type of work/job one is doing. How will it help him/her in future as far as his/her career is concerned.Pressure - A seasonal work pressure is always good for an employee  but yes a constant work pressure could be a reason for an employee to think for a changeEnvironment - How well the the team communicates and co-ordinates? The company should work on team building activities to keep team bonding intact. Hours - Employees feel more comfortable in working in a flexible working window environment rather than a fixed working environmentRecognize, Appreciate and Reward An employee is hungry for recognition, appreciation and rewards. If someone is getting all of these then he/she have to reason to leave the organization
Recognize - Mentors and…