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Making PDF files SEO friendly

Are you trying to figure out a way to get search engines to drill down your online PDF files and improve its ranking? If that is the case then you have a reason to cheer up :), this post will guide you to follow few very basic steps to improve your PDFs online visibility.Best Practices in SEO for PDF filesSmartly name your PDFs - Typically, the PDF filename will become part of the URL, so give your document a good key-word rich filename. Set the PDF title - Yes, most of us just don't set PDF title properties, but the matter of fact is that the title tag is a huge ranking factor. To set title of a PDF file, open it in Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF creator and go to, File --> Properties Set the other document properties too - don't just ignore the other properties provide a good Subject (Description) and Keywords as you do it for your HTMLsPrefer text-based PDFs over image-dominated PDFsSet "alt" text for all the images - this will also increase the accessibilityTou…