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Changing your YouTube video preview thumbnail

To change preview thumbnail of your youtube video

Option 1

You can choose a thumbnail from the three options that youtube automatically generates 

Go to Video Manager by clicking on your username in the upper right corner.On the My Videos/Upload Page, click Edit for the corresponding video you'd like to change.Once you are on Edit Video Page you can choose from the three options provided by YouTube as highlighted in the screen grab below.
Option 2
If don't find any image suitable for your video in the options provided by YouTube then you can also add a "Custom Thumbnail" for your video. Please note you will be able to see this option only if your YouTube account is a verified account.
If you are already viewing the Custom Thumbnail option you can simply upload a image of your choice and set it as your video preview thumbnail.
P.S. I would recommend to keep 16:9 ratio as it's the most used in YouTube Players and previews
Once you have selected the preview image of you…