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Enabling HTTPS request on Tomcat Server

Enabling HTTPS Request on TomcatIf you are developing a web application which is handling some sensitive data then you may want to use a secure medium for transferring the sensitive data between the web browser and your web server. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is an easy way to offer security to your users. SSL allows web browsers and web servers to encrypt all information and communicate it over a secured connection. 

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a widely used communication protocol for secure communication over the Internet. It is simply layering of HTTP over SSL protocol. When we say we are using HTTPS for secure connection, we mean to say that the information (request) is first encrypted using SSL and transmitted using HTTP protocol and then the receiver decrypts it using SSL.

Apache Tomcat fully supports the SSL protocol and provides document on how to configure Tomcat to use SSL , but somehow I found it a little confusing for first time users. So here I am writing i…